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  • Company Title
    Garanti Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş.
  • Responsible Official
    Garanti Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş. Üst Yönetim
  • Trade Registry No
  • Mersis No
  • Audit Authority
    Capital Markets Board of Turkey
  • Yer Sağlayıcı

    Garanti Bilişim Teknolojisi ve Ticaret T.A.Ş

This e-mail address can only be used for complaints regarding the content of our website that will be submitted in accordance with the Law No. 5651 on the "Regulation of Broadcasts via Internet and Prevention of Crimes Committed through Such Broadcasts". E-mails involving matters other than this will not be taken into consideration. For your opinions, suggestions and complaints regarding other matters, you must fill the contact form.

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