Advantages of Forex Trading with Garanti BBVA FX Trader

  • You can execute your market transactions via Garanti BBVA FX Trader trading platform without paying any additional fee.
  • You can deposit margins on 7/24 basis via Forex – G. Investment / Margin Depositing step in ‘Investments’ menu in Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.
  • You can transmit your margin withdrawal requests via Garanti BBVA FX Trader without need for any written instruction.
  • If you wish, you may request an unleveraged account and execute an unleveraged transaction.
  • Your orders are submitted anonymously to the market. The positions you carry as such are kept confidential, and counterparties cannot see your standing orders.
  • You have the opportunity to take price from 16 different institutions for parities and CFDs.
  • Garanti BBVA FX Trader does not have any target spread. You trade with shrinkable bid-ask price differences.
  • Through HTML front-end, you can access your account via any browser, and execute your transactions.
  • Scalping is free. You may give limit orders of any amount you wish. All of your orders may be executed depending on the market conditions.
  • You have the opportunity to trade with Petroleum CFDs and Index CFDs.

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