What is Garanti BBVA I-Trader?

With Garanti BBVA I-Trader, you can trade with virtual money up to 100,000 USD and experience the world markets.

With Garanti BBVA I-Trader application, you can simultaneously monitor the equities of the stock exchanges in the US, Europe, Canada and many other countries in the international markets, and perform your transactions on equities, ETFs, ETNs, and futures contracts. You can easily access Garanti BBVA I-Trader Web platform from your computer, tablet and mobile devices. Please click to log in to Garanti BBVA I-Trader Web platform.


How Can I Log in to the Platform?

After opening of your Garanti BBVA Securities international account, user code and password will be sent via SMS.

In order to log in to the international platform, you must first install the new authentication application on your mobile phone. The steps required for the installation process are as follows: 

  • Install a free authentication program on your phone. For example:
    Google Authenticator (iOS).
    Google Authenticator (Android).
  • Connect to your international account with your user code and password sent to your mobile phone.
  • If logging in via a computer: You can register for the new authentication application by scanning the barcode that appears on the screen by using your phone's camera. If logging in from mobile devices: You can complete the registration process by copying the code under the barcode and pasting it into the new authentication application.
  • You can log in with the password created for you in the new authentication application as your second security password at every login.

Please click for computer login help document.
Please click for mobile phone login help document.

We would like to take your attention to the issues below to ensure your safety:

  • You do not need to keep the QR information displayed at the time of pairing.
  • You must protect your phone with a device password.
  • When selling your phone or sending it to service, you must delete all your personal information, including the authentication application.
  • If your phone is stolen or lost, you must call Garanti BBVA Securities to inform.

In cases where you lost or renewed your mobile phone:

When you lose or renew your mobile phone, you should reach our Investor Support Center at 444 0 630 and reset your application settings. Thus, you can re-register the application you will download to your new phone and log in to the platform.

For all your questions, you can reach our Investor Support Center by phone at 444 0 630. Please click here for our Investor Support Center working hours.



You can access buy and sell signals in foreign markets equity transactions through the Garanti BBVA I-Trader platform.

With these automatically-generated signals based on technical indicators and formations, you can get information about the following:

  • Support/Resistance levels and the direction of the trend,
  • Technical formation and Fibonacci levels,
  • Take profit/stop loss levels for the signal,
  • The quality of the signal,
  • The probability of the signal,
  • Success history of the signals. Thus, you can transmit order through the signal.

By logging in to our platform with your Garanti BBVA I-Trader user information, you can access up-to-date technical analysis signals from the "Trading Signals" section under the "News and Research" menu.

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