You can easily and safely execute your equity, futures and options contracts, and forex transactions during weekdays with the help of expert customer representatives through our Investor Support Center.


Domestic Equities & Futures and Options Contracts (VIOP), Forex, and International Markets

For your domestic equities, during weekdays, from 09:15 to 19:30; 

For your VIOP transactions:during weekdays, from 09:15 to 19:30;   

For your Forex & Internatinal markets transactions: 444 0 630 Garanti BBVA Securities Investor Support Center is at your service during weekdays, from 09:15 to 23:15.

In every step of your investment transactions, you can call the Investor Support Centers providing support services with a team of experts and a professional work attitude, and enjoy the privileges provided by Garanti Securities.

Customer Satisfaction Center

Garanti BBVA Securities uses all kinds of communication technologies available in order for its customers to be able to easily convey their requests and complaints and to instantly receive a reply.

How To Get Help From the Customer Satisfaction Center?

All the requests and complaints conveyed to the Customer Satisfaction Center will be recorded in the system and filed. The request/complaint procedure will begin and all the relevant investigation and research will be conducted according to our customer satisfaction principles. Our expert staff will make sure to find a solution to your requests and complaints as soon as possible.

How To Contact Us?

You can easily reach the Customer Satisfaction Center through via:

  • Our Investor Support Center at 444 0 630,
  • Contact form,
  • Our Facebook, Instagram and X pages,
  • Garanti BBVA and Garanti BBVA Securities branches in various locations in Turkey.

We are always here!

Your satisfaction is very important

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