Legal Warnings

Principles of Order Follow-up and Notification via Electronic Media

Electronic trading platform put into service of our investors allow investors to execute leveraged FX trades in their own names through their own computers without need to establish any physical contact with our Company. Trading platform is equipped by a user-friendly interface enabling our investors to trade easily. Platform is built as a client-server application and uses SSL certificates for communication channel security, and redundant internet lines for provision of its services. Server providing services to our investors operates with failover in active – passive architecture.

If our investors do not submit their orders directly by using electronic trading platform, they may give verbal orders via call centre.

Trading platform reflects on real-time basis the margin and account information transferred by investor for leveraged trading purposes. Accordingly, investor’s risk, open positions, total assets usable as margin, cash balance, margin usage rate, non-recognized transactions, current profit & loss situation and account value can be displayed on real-time basis.

In electronic trading platform, investor has the opportunity to display the asset entries / exits, and position and trading reports relating to his own account, and a breakdown of all transactions executed on his account, within the time intervals determined by himself.

On electronic trading platform order entry screen, such information as traded securities, position value, maturity, order type, order amount, transaction cost and margin needs may be displayed.

If open spot forward positions are carried to the next day, at the end of day, swap cost or gain is calculated by the system and is automatically reflected into accounts.

Daily and monthly account extracts may be sent to our investors by electronic mail, or may be accessed via terminal, and if requested, may be printed physically and sent to their addresses by mail.

Advantages of Forex Trades via Garanti BBVA FX

  • You may execute your market transactions via Garanti BBVA FX Trader trading platform without paying any additional fee.
  • You may deposit margins on 7/24 basis via Forex – G. Investment / Margin Depositing step in ‘İnvestments’ menu in Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.
  • You may transmit your margin withdrawal requests via Garanti BBVA FX Trader without need for any written instruction
  • If you wish, you may request an unleveraged account and execute an unleveraged transaction.
  • Your orders are submitted anonymously to the market. The positions you carry as such are kept confidential, and counterparties cannot see your standing orders.
  • You have the opportunity to take price from 16 different institutions for parities and CFDs.
  • Garanti BBVA FX Trader does not have any target spread. You trade with shrinkable bid-ask price differences.
  • Through HTML front-end, you can access your account via any browser, and execute your transactions.
  • Scalping is free. You may give limit orders of any amount you wish. All of your orders may be executed depending on the market conditions.
  • You have the opportunity to trade with Petroleum CFDs and Index CFDs.

Garanti̇ Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş

Conditions of Storage and Use of Personal Data

Investor hereby accepts and acknowledges that our Company may request information and documents from investor in order to fulfil its “Know Your Customer” obligations and for the sake of security of investor trades and transactions pursuant to the capital market laws and other applicable laws and regulations, and thereupon, investor is liable to deliver real, accurate and current information and documents requested from him. If and when needed for the purpose of hedging in his transactions to be affected in capital markets, investor agrees and undertakes to share with our Company also such information as profession, income, risk preferences, etc., and to keep our Company informed about any probable changes in said information for the purpose of keeping all such information current. Investor is under obligation to declare to our Company that he is acting and trading in his own name, or if he is acting in the name of others, he is acting and trading in the name of others.

Unless otherwise permitted by the applicable laws, our Company hereby agrees and undertakes not to disclose investor data and information to third parties without a prior consent of investor. Our Company may, however, request verification and confirmation of investor data and information for the sake of security of investor’s account and/or for satisfaction of minimum requirements in the course of execution of transactions.

Our Company is under obligation to keep its Information Security Policy current by following and assessing the technical requirements and technological developments.

Conditions of Storage

Our Company’s information systems encompass the required technological measures aimed at recording all movements of investor data and information and preventing unauthorized accesses thereto. Accordingly, all investor data and information are backed up in certain time intervals and safely stored.

Protection of Personal Data

Our Company attaches great importance to your security. To this end, we would like to inform you about the requirements of “Personal Data Protection Law” aimed at protecting personal data and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly the right of privacy.

Information on Protection of Personal Data

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (the “KVKK”), our Company, as a Data Supervisor, will record, store and update your personal data, and may disclose to third parties if and to the extent permitted by the laws, and classify, and process otherwise as listed in the Law, within the frame of the following terms and conditions:

Purposes and legal causes of processing of personal data: To use in all kinds of our products and services; to record identity, address and other required data for identification of the parties to transaction and the real owner of transaction; to arrange and keep all records and documents as a base for transaction in electronic or paper media; to comply with information storage, reporting and provision obligations stipulated by the applicable laws or by CMB or other authorities; to be able to provide other / requested products and services of our Bank; and to fulfil the provisions and requirements of contract signed by you.

Persons / entities to which personal data may be transferred for the purposes cited above: Persons or entities permitted by the applicable laws and regulations include, but are not limited to, financial institutions and other third parties enumerated in article 73/4 of the Banking Law no. 5411 to whom our controlling shareholder reports; and such public legal entities as CMB, Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., Settlement and Custody Bank, Central Registry Agency, Turkish Capital Markets Association and BRSA; and our controlling shareholder; and our program partners or other third parties who provide services to us or enter into cooperation with us in the course of our brokerage and intermediary services.

Personal data collection method: Your personal data may be collected in verbal, written or electronic media through such channels as Head Offices, Branches, E-Trader and call centre.

Your rights arising out of article 11 of the Law: You are entitled to apply to our Company and (a) to learn whether your personal data are processed or not; and (b) if processed, to request information about processing; and (c) to learn the purpose of processing, and whether your personal data are used for the intended purposes or not; and (ç) to learn identity of third parties resident in Turkey or abroad to whom your personal data are transferred; and (d) if your personal data are processed incompletely / inaccurately, to request completion or correction of them; and (e) to request deletion / destruction of your personal data within the frame of conditions stipulated in the related article of the Law; and (f) to request that the transactions affected as per subparagraphs (d) and (e) hereof be duly notified to the third parties to whom your personal data are transferred; and (g) to raise objection against results that may emerge to your detriment due to analysis of your personal data solely by means of automatic systems; and (ğ) to claim compensation of the damages and losses, if any, you may incur or suffer due to illegal processing of your personal data.

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