Points to Take into Consideration Before Trading

Points to Take into Consideration Before Forex Trading

  • Before starting to trade, if you open our FX DEMO account and execute some tentative transactions, it will familiarize you with the platform and the leveraged trading system.
  • It is important for you to carefully read the Risk Statement Form.
  • If you are new in trading in this market, we suggest you to start trading in low amounts.
  • Forex trades are risky because they are leveraged. Therefore, it will help you to avoid unexpected losses that may arise out of sudden price movements in markets if you close your available positions before weekends and official holidays.
  • First of all, in each transaction, you must absolutely determine your take profit and stop loss levels. You may determine your stop loss level also by calculating the maximum amount you may risk.
  • We suggest you to start trading not with full amount of your portfolio, but with a certain amount.

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