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Garanti BBVA Securities offers professional solutions in equity trading transactions by providing reliable and successful brokerage services to its customers in the equity market in Borsa Istanbul. With Garanti BBVA Securities, it is so easy to start benefiting from investment opportunities by participating in the world of stock trading that brings success both in the long and short term!

You can easily open your Equity Account from Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet without going to the branch and start trading right away.

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Equities are types of negotiable instruments issued and delivered by a company to its shareholders to document their capital shares and provide them with a right to claim dividends from a company’s yearly profits. In the Equity Market, it is possible to make a profit not only by making long-term investments in shares of companies expected to grow and increase in value, but also by trading on a short-term basis. In comparison to other investment products, Equities offer the opportunity to have a high return on investment. However, they are highly risky investment means as you may lose your principal if and to the extent the share prices fall.

Why should I invest in Equities?

  • By investing in equities, you will have the right to become a partner of that company.
  • You will become eligible to participate in profit shares (dividends) and the capital increase of the company that you invest in.
  • Equities are types of financial products that an investor may buy or sell at any time as he/she wishes as long as the markets are open for trading.
  • Through Garanti BBVA e-Trader Platform, you may continuously monitor and trace equities for 24 hours 5 days a week.
  • They offer a tax advantage and a 0%* withholding rate is applied on the proceeds of the trade of equities.*

*The withholding rate applied on the proceeds of the trade of share certificates, other than those of securities investment trusts, is 0% for all investors, while the withholding applied on share certificates of securities investment trusts varies between 0% and 10%. Please consult your tax advisor on taxation issues.

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Equity Trading Commissions

While trading with Garanti BBVA Securities, you may select Fixed Commission or Volume-based Commission Models.

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Trading Channels

You may execute your Equity trades with the help of our expert investment advisors based in our Garanti BBVA Securities Branches, or via all of our platforms offered with quick, practical, reliable and rich content.


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