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If you wish to open your international markets account via digital contract, you can fill in the form below to submit your request. Detailed information about the account opening process can be found next to and under the form.

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Real Account

By opening an international markets investment account, you can buy and sell stocks and futures contracts on the world's leading stock markets. You can submit your account opening request by filling out the form, and if you are a Garanti BBVA customer, you can open your account without going to the branch. After you fill in the form, digital contracts will be sent to you in Garanti BBVA Internet and Mobile Banking. Detailed information and procedure are explained in the area under the form.

Demo Account

With the Garanti BBVA I-Trader application, you can closely examine the features offered by the platform before opening a real account. You can trade with 100.000 USD of virtual money and experience the global financial markets.


  • The accounts to be opened are not the bank accounts you will use abroad.
  • To open an account, you must have a domestic stock account .
  • In order to open an International Account, you need to do a Eligibility Test , and the relevant test determines whether you have the knowledge and experience to understand the risks of the product or service in question. If the test score is at least D , an account can be opened.

You must read the digital contracts that will be available to you at the Documents step of Garanti BBVA Mobile / Internet channels and approve them by 22:30 on the same day. Thus, your account will be opened the next business day following your approval.

Please pay attention to the required conditions to open an international markets account before filling out the form. Otherwise, your request will not be processed.

  • You must have a domestic equities account in order to open an international markets account. If you don’t have a domestic equities account, click here to easily open an account.
  • In order to open an international markets account, you are required to complete the Appropriateness Test, which determines whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks of the mentioned products or services. A minimum test score of D is required for opening the account. In order to view your Appropriateness Test result or to repeat the test, you can visit:
  • Non-residents cannot open international markets account.
  • Only personal accounts can be opened via online channel.

*Digital contract will be available for your approval as of 14:30 and 18:30 at the Documents step of Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet Banking.

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