Garanti BBVA Securities Research Department consists of a large and experienced fundamental equity research and macroeconomic analysis team. The research department continues to be the most reliable source for investors in terms of stock selection, interpretation of all kinds of developments in the sectors and companies covered by the research, and analysis of macroeconomic data. Research team prepares various and regular reports, both fundamental and technical, about the companies they cover.

The research team, on one hand, keeps its checking the pulse of the market and the economy through regular visits to companies listed and traded in Borsa Istanbul, and on the other hand, establishes connections with companies during the organization of private meetings with Borsa Istanbul companies and foreign investor conferences for corporate customers. While preparing its reports and recommendations, the research department carries out company and factory visits, keeps its regular contact with companies, and shares analysis-based reports.

Garanti BBVA Securities aims to be the best research institution that always guides investors with its stock selections, as well as macroeconomic interpretations. It prepares regular fundamental and technical investment advices and recommendations for companies with a high market value and transaction volume and for small-scale companies having a story in BIST. It covers current assessments and expectations containing macroeconomic analyses. You may follow research reports through or 

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