While watching the data on BIST, trading on stock and futures (VIOP) is easy with Garanti BBVA Securities' platforms. You can manage both your portfolio and your accounts, as well as instant data and news feeds.

Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet

Via Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet, you can easily perform your BIST Equity Market and FOE (Futures and Options Market) trades. For your Equity Market trades, you can buy or sell shares via “Investments / Equity Trades” menu, and manage your portfolio. For your FOE trades, you can give buy or sell orders via “Investments / FOE Trades” menu, and perform your margin transactions. In addition, you can easily transmit and display your public offering requests by tracking “Investments / Public Offering” steps via Garanti BBVA Mobile and Internet.

Matriks IQ Data Terminal and IQ Mobile

You can follow BIST Equity Market and VIOP data via Matriks IQ Data Terminal and Mobile, also manage your portfolio and make your trading transactions easily by selecting "Enter Matriks IQ Trading Platform" on the Matriks IQ data terminal and Garanti BBVA Securities from the "My Portfolio" field on Matriks IQ Mobile.

You can get detailed information about the use of the Algorithmic Trading module in the Matriks IQ Data Terminal by contacting our Investor Support Center at 444 0 630.

Matriks Data Terminal

On Matriks Data Terminal you can monitor Equity Market and VIOP data. You can manage your portfolio via the data terminal by selecting Garanti BBVA Securities inside My Portfolio page.

By calling 444 0 630 you can reach out investor support center and you can use automatic buy/sell feature on Matriks Data Terminal.

Ideal Data Terminal

On Ideal Data Terminal you can monitor Equity Market and VIOP data. You can transact by logging in your Garanti BBVA Securities account.

By calling 444 0 630 you can reach out investor support center and you can use IdeAlgo module.

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