Garanti BBVA Yatırım Institutional Sales

Being a strong brand with its global business approach, Garanti BBVA Securities, with its experienced Institutional Sales staff, is proud of offering services both to corporate investors resident abroad and to portfolio management companies resident in Turkey in the equity and futures markets.

Thanks to strong communication links established with the customer group comprised of foreign intermediary institutions and fund management companies, and through its experience in financial markets, Garanti BBVA Securities is preparing the infrastructure for successful deals. Garanti BBVA Securities Institutional Sales team is, with the products of the Research Department, standing as a broker in investments by making equity trading advices based on long-term basic analyses and/or aimed at short-term program to its customers. 

Why Garanti BBVA Securities Institutional Sales?

  • Garanti BBVA Securities Institutional Sales team establishes action-oriented and timely communications with its customers. 
  • With its specialized staff and Garanti BBVA Securities brand, it aims to offer services above standards. 
  • It directs and presents the flow of information with respect to economic and political developments, company appraisal and advices in the best and most correct way. 
  • It ensures the interest shown by corporate investors resident abroad to Turkey and their investments in Turkey are further strengthened, and their relations and links are not broken, but are continued by even gaining more strength.
  • It contributes to keeping the investors informed about Turkey and to further increase their interests in Turkey through conferences organized in Turkey and abroad.

Institutional Sales' Activities

  • Provides reliable and high-quality brokerage services with strong execution capabilities.
  • Relays the Research Department's long-term and short-term investment recommendations to its clients.
  • Offers efficient and reliable direct market access (DMA) facilities to foreign institutional clients through all the major global networks and/or leased lines.
  • Organizes deal and non-deal roadshows with company managements to meet with investors abroad and in Turkey.
  • Organizes custom-made Turkey roadshows for foreign institutional investors to meet top managements of listed Turkish companies.

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