It is much faster and more reliable to trade on many channels both at home and abroad with Garanti BBVA Securities’ experience. You can manage your stocks and VİOP transactions, trades and positions in Forex markets in a practical way from our channels in Borsa Istanbul. We are with you every time you need us with our call centers or our branches or with our digital platforms. 



Brokerage Services

With its experience and investment expertise Garanti BBVA Securities has been providing brokerage services in a reliable and successful manner to its customers in the BIST.

Corporate Finance

Garanti BBVA Securities creates value for its customers through its human capital, financial know-how and strong organizational structure in corporate finance products.

Institutional Sales

The International Institutional Sales Department (IIS) provides reliable, high-quality and fast brokerage services to foreign institutional investors on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE).


Piyasa yapıcısı adı altında seçilen kuruluşlar, ikincil piyasalarda aralıksız işlem yapmak, kotasyon vermek gibi özelliklere sahip.



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