International Futures Markets

International Market Futures

International Markets Futures are leveraged derivative instruments listed and traded in organized international markets. Future contracts require cash settlement or physical delivery at a future date of maturity and have some specific standard features such as maturity, contract size and leverage, as determined by the relevant exchanges. You may execute your orders in commodities, precious metals, energy, indices, exchange parities, financials contracts through online platforms.

With Garanti BBVA I-Trader, you can trade 24 hours a day 5 days a week in Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), one of the global futures exchanges with a high trading volume.

How to open a real account?

If you wish to open your international markets account with a digital contract without going to the branch, you can fill in the form on the link to submit your request. Or you may also visit Garanti BBVA Branches to open your account.

To open an account, you should provide a copy of your ID card, an invoice issued in your name within the last quarter or your residence certificate issued with a valid date.

Residence certificate obtained through E-Devlet must state the Name of Institution in order to be valid.

In order for the residence certificate to be accepted, it is important that when you go to E-Devlet to generate the certificate, you select "Submission to an Institution" category and then write in the relevant box "Garanti Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş." as the name of the institution.

*If you have a domestic stock account with Garanti BBVA, the specified documents do not need to be provided.

What are the features of Future Contracts?

  • Their underlying assets may be financial products such as indices, exchange parities, commodities or bonds.
  • Futures contracts provide the opportunity to open high nominal volume positions with a low initial margin because of leverage. However, it must be kept in mind that leverage effects may lead not only to high profits, but also to high losses.
  • They are standard contracts, which means that their starting and expiry dates, and initial and maintenance margins are predetermined and certain and same for everyone.
  • Contracts have end-of-maturity (expiry) dates. Accordingly, investors may execute their orders until the end-of-maturity (expiry) date, and at the end-of-maturity (expiry) date, the open positions are automatically closed.
  • There is an opportunity to open position in both way (either long or short), which allow the purchaser to make a profit whether the price of the underlying asset goes up or down.

Why should I invest in Foreign Futures Contracts?

  • You can hedge your import and export risks.
  • By benefiting from the leverage, you can trade as speculator, opening a position either long or short, and make profit as a result.
  • By arbitraging, trying to catch the price differences between two markets, you may make a profit.

What are the Futures Spread Contracts?

Futures spread contract allows you to roll-over your contracts to the next maturity date of your positions automatically. This reduces your risk to minimum in rolling-over your open positions to next maturity date manuelly.

Which Futures Contracts may be traded with Garanti BBVA I-Trader?

Exchange Contracts Trading Hours (In Turkish Time)*
CBOT - Agricultural Instruments Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Soybean Oil, Oat...



NYMEX - Energy

Brent Crude, WTI Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline...


CME - Equity Indices

Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P500, S&P Mid Cap 400, Nikkei, Russell 2000...



CME - Parities



CBOT - Financials

US 2yr T-note, US 5yr T-note, US lOyr T-note.


COMEX - Metals

Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum (NYMEX), Palladium (NYMEX).


CFE - Other Indices

CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)












Orange juice






USD Index



MSCI Developing Country Index


*Trading hours may vary depending on Daylight Saving Time practice. Trading hours in the table are determined according to winter time.

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Margin Call Levels

Call Type Utilized Margin Rate
First Margin Call 80%
Second Margin Call 100%
Automatic Position Closing (Stop-Out)* 150%

*As soon as the second Margin Call (100%) is notified, a time of 47 hours is granted to the investor to deposit a margin to his account or to reduce his open positions for the sake of sustainability of open position. If no action is taken within this time of 47 hours granted as above, at the end of 47 hours, all available positions are automatically closed by the System via Automatic Position Closing (Stop-Out) step. However, if the Margin level falls below 100% at any time after delivery of the Second Margin Call, the application of 47 hours automatically becomes invalid and unenforceable. Thereafter, if and when the Margin level exceeds 100% again, the application of 47 hours is resumed and restarted.

Foreign Futures Contract Example

Contract data valid for gold as the underlying asset is as tabulated below.

Underlying Asset Gold
Contract Size 100 ons gold
Price 1282.00 USD
Minimum Price Step 1 pt = 10 $
Position Size 128.200 USD
Maturity Months February, April, June, August, October, December
Leverage 1:34~
Initial and Maintenance Margins Initial Margin= $3740
Maintenance Margin= $3400
Commission 10$+Exchange Transaction Fee

Buy Price = 1282 Dolar/Ons

Sell Price = Altın ↑ 1292.00 Dolar/Ons

Profit = 1292-1282= 10.00*100*1= 1000 $

In futures contracts, you may execute your orders via desktop or web applications through our Garanti BBVA Securities International Trader platform quickly and reliably from any location or venue 24 hours a day.

By opening a Demo account, you may experience futures contracts in foreign markets through Garanti BBVA Securities International Trader.

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In foreign trading transactions, income, stamp or similar other taxes or legal deductions may vary, and all tax liabilities which may arise as per the relevant Exchange’s regulations and/or the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of trading are under the responsibility of our customers.

For opening an account for trading in Foreign Markets, you may contact our Garanti BBVA Bank or Garanti BBVA Securities Branches closest to you.

For all kinds of questions, you may contact our Investor Support Center through our phone number 444 0 630 at any time between 09:00-19:30 hours in weekdays.

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