What is Garanti BBVA e-Trader?

It is now easier to invest with the smart solutions offered by the Garanti BBVA e-Trader!

Garanti BBVA e-Trader is a mobile application and a web platform that enables you to perform and execute your equities, futures and options contracts and warrants transactions.

You can log in now to monitor BIST, VIOP (Futures) and international markets, to carry out your trading transactions, and to receive instant notification by setting a price and news alert.

How Do I Log in to Garanti BBVA e-Trader?

You can log in to our web platform and mobile application right now by using your Garanti BBVA Internet Banking credentials.

Login to Garanti BBVA e-Trader

Mobile App Features 

With Garanti BBVA e-Trader application, you can monitor markets and execute your share certificates (stocks), futures and options contracts and warrants transactions.

By purchasing a Mixed Level 1, Level 1+, Level 2, Level 2+ and AKD data monitoring package through Garanti BBVA Internet Banking, you can view the market data of the package on the application.

My Page

My Page tab includes features such as the Watchlist, BIST Rises/Falls/Bulkies and Market Summary - Chart. If you wish, you can customize the modules via Edit My Page button at the bottom; you can add Research Reports, Economic Calendar, News and Garanti BBVA Securities X Posts modules or change the order of the modules. 

We also prepare you a ready-made watchlist module. If you wish, you can add 4 additional watchlists and modify all of your watchlists. You can view the entire list in the menu you want by clicking the Show all button. Additionally on the My Page tab, you can view 10 BIST High Rankers, Low Rankers and Volum Rankers. At the bottom of My Page, you can view the summary charts of BIST100, BIST30, USD & EUR.


From the Agenda tab, you can access the ready-made lists, your custom watchlists and the Markets, News and Analysis sections. You can create a New List under the Markets heading, edit your existing lists, or switch to square view instead of list view. You can view many ready-made lists such as BIST 100, 50, 30, BIST Indices, Warrants, World Stock Exchange Indices. Under the News section, you can reach many news categories such as General, Politics, Foreign Economy, FX, Energy, Macro Data, Commodity. In the Analysis section, you can access Research Reports, Garanti BBVA Securities Model Portfolio & Advice List, Economic Calendar, Yield Comparison, Currency Converter, Capital Increase, Dividend analysis, Fundamental & Formation analysis. 

Under the Research Reports, you will access information related to Stock Market, Global Markets, Chart of the Day, Macro Economy and Market Interpretations through the reports of Expert Research Teams of Garanti BBVA Securities. With the Economic Calendar, you can follow important domestic and international economic developments and add them to your calendar. From the Yield Comparison, you can view the performance of the amount you will determine against XU100, USDTRY, EURTRY, GLDGR (Gram Gold) and the symbol you choose within the date range you set. By using the Currency Converter, you can make automatic calculation according to the sales price in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY and CHF by determining the amount and foreign currency type. The Capital Increase and Dividend section allows you to get information about historical-based paid/bonus capital increase and dividend rate by selecting the symbol. With Model Portfolio and Advisory List functions, you can buy and sell stocks recommended by Garanti BBVA Securities Research department and shape your investment decisions.

My Orders

Here, you can see your intraday executed, pending and canceled orders. You can edit your pending orders by clicking on them or swiping your screen from right to left, and you can also link chain orders in your stock orders.

My Portfolio

In My Portfolio section, you can login to your account with your Garanti BBVA Mobile/Garanti BBVA Internet Banking information. By doing so, you can access your account details, track your account portfolio, and execute  your transactions. You can view your open positions under the Position Details, and you can execute your buy/sell transactions by sliding your screen from right to left. 

You can access the position detail page by clicking on the open position row. You can display all your orders within the last 1 month from the Movements section, and you may filter by different symbols. You can access the detailed information of your stock and VIOP accounts by clicking on the Account Summary at the top right. In the account number information now placed on the upper left of My Portfolio screen, you can find total Profit/Loss and Total Equity Value information for your equities and Estimated P/L and Open Position Size for your VIOP portfolio.


There is a blue quick Buy/Sell floating button placed on almost every screen of the application. You either use this button to place an order, swipe symbol row in your watchlist or click on the Buy/Sell buttons in deatiled symbol page to go to order screens. On the new buy/sell screens, you can access the summary market data of the relevant symbol and see your available balance during order placement.  

You can also place your purchase/sale transaction by specifying the amount instead of the quantity. When you enter a sales order for the stock in your portfolio, the quantity field comes auto-filled. In addition, if you have a depth license (Level 2,2+), you can access depth information on the order screen. You can also access different types of orders (chain, 40-day-order) by swiping a symbol row on your watchlist. 


You can also set up a news alert by logging into the application from the alert button on the top right and add a price alert if you have a data monitoring package. In the notifications area, you can see your alert notifications, the execution of your pending orders, and market information announced by Garanti BBVA Securities. You can also set-up news or price alerts and view your existing alarms. 

Other Info

You can access the detailed symbol page by using search at the top right corner of the application and clicking on the desired symbol from the results. Here, you can also view your previous searches. 

Web Application Features

Garanti BBVA e-Trader web has been renewed! You can start using the renewed platform right away by loging in using your Garanti BBVA Internet Banking credentials and start exploring the new features. Highlights of the new version;

  • With the renewed interface and application page, you can access pop-out windows, multi-screen monitoring, light and dark theme options. For example, you can open and follow the market depth of multiple symbols on your screen.
  • Placing orders on Borsa Istanbul Exchange is now even easier with the improved ordering experience and new portfolio view. By adding market depth , last transactions and financial information to the order screens, we have made it possible for you to access detailed information at the time of order.
  • You can reach enriched watch list functions - modular structure and easy action of the symbol with right click feature, variation of columns and sorting within the column (highest-lowest).
  • With the improvement in the graphic infrastructure, you can add new technical analysis functions and save your analyses differently.
  • With the changing portfolio view, you can quickly switch accounts at the bottom of the application, and if you wish, you can follow the pop-up portfolio structure in a different window.

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