Derivatives Market

Do you want to make investments for the future in equities, exchanges, indices, gold, foreign exchange, energy and the currency parity? With BIST Futures contracts, take action for VIOP transactions with Garanti BBVA Securities to avoid risks that may arise in the future, diversify your portfolio, achieve success with speculative transactions and arbitrage!

Derivatives Market (VIOP) 

The VIOP (Derivatives Market) is a market where futures and options contracts and other derivative instruments issued on economic or financial indicators and capital markets instruments may be traded electronically. The Borsa Istanbul Derivatives Market operating system is comprised of 13 separate main markets. One is required to deposit a margin in order to trade in the VIOP market. If and to the extent the resulting losses cause the margin level to fall below the maintenance margin, a margin call is made and issued for the relevant investments. There is an underlying asset. This in turn makes it possible for larger masses to make investments. Positions may be taken for a fall or rise in prices. Via VIOP, investors may make use of portfolio protection, index tradability, tax advantages and low transaction costs.

An option is a contract whereby the investor can buy or sell capital market instruments of a predetermined quantity and price at a future date in consideration of a premium paid in advance. Through options, investors may both diversify their portfolios and take positions parallel to their expectations.

With its expertise and experience in this area, Garanti BBVA Securities provides trading services for futures and options contracts issued on various underlying assets in BIST Futures and Options Market.

Collateralization in Futures Contract

Market risk is managed by TakasBank via collateralization on a portfolio basis through the transactions executed in the market. Below is the collateralization scheme for a Futures Contract. Through VIOP, investors may take positions against a certain margin in both futures contracts and options contracts in tandem with their expectations. Due to leverage effects, investors may earn high amounts of money or may even incur losses.

VIOP Main Markets
Futures Contracts Traded in VIOP
Options Contracts Traded in VIOP
VIOP Advantages
VIOP Risks

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