Garanti BBVA Securities strengthens its experience in capital market products with its market-making function. By taking on the market-making role in BIST30 option contracts, Garanti BBVA Securities makes investments more advantageous with its features.

Market Making

Organizations selected as market makers have features such as continuous trading in secondary markets and providing quotations. Garanti BBVA Investment, one of the institutions engaged in market-making activities to ensure price stability against excessive volatility and manipulative transactions, takes on the market making of BIST30 option contracts. Introducing investors to the advantages of this function, Garanti BBVA Investment ensures the healthy formation of option contract prices and their continuous visibility with increased transparency.

Market Maker in Option Contracts

  • Privileges of Market Maker in Option Contracts Aims to provide double quotations in the nearest two maturities of contracts.

  • Prices are transparent and competitive as they can be tracked on the board instantly.

  • Liquidity can be provided for larger orders upon investors' request.

  • Double-sided quotations can also be provided for other contracts not covered by market making.

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