Expired Accounts List

Announcement to Garanti Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş. Investors

“According to the fourth paragraph of Article 83 of the Capital Markets Law (CMB) dated 06/12/2012 and numbered 6362, all kinds of trusts and receivables arising from investment services and activities, from the date of the last request, transaction or written instruction given by the account holder; for mutual funds and investment companies with variable capital, income must be registered to the Investors Compensation Center in the event that they are not requested and collected within ten years starting from the date of liquidation. "

The account information of our institution's customers within the scope of the statute of limitations and the date information on which the accounts will expire are listed in the link below.

If our customers, whose names are on the list, do not apply to our nearest branch with their identity documents before the time limit expires, the said assets will be transferred to the Investor Compensation Center accounts in accordance with Article 24 of the relevant regulation.

2021 - List of Account Holders with 10-Year Expired Receivables and Relics

2022 - List of Account Holders with 10-Year Expired Receivables and Trusts


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