Equity Market Brokerage Services


Do you know that you can create a reverse-direction position when you expect a fall in equity prices and that you can sell at a high price?  What's more, you can earn extra money and revenues by lending and borrowing share certificates. All of these actions are available to you through Equity (Stock).

Garanti BBVA Securities is a subsidiary of Garanti BBVA. Equity (Stock) Market services enable the investor to exploit stocks, warrants, exchange traded funds, certificates, futures and options contracts and fixed income securities. Garanti BBVA Securities provides full support for successful deals through quick order application and alternative distribution channels.


Derivaties Market (VIOP) Brokerage Services


Would not you like to gain profits from the investments you make through stocks, indices, gold, currency, energy and currency parities contracts? To hedge against possible risks in the future, to diversify your portfolio, to succeed with speculative transactions and to employ arbitrage make your transactions on future contracts with Garanti BBVA Securities!

VIOP (Derivatives Market), which is a market established at Borsa Istanbul Exchange, can be bought and sold in an electronic environment with economic or financial indicators and capital markets intermediation, combined futures and option settlements and other intermediaries.


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