Corporate Finance


Garanti BBVA Securities provides advisory and intermediary services in equity public offerings, privatizations, mergers & acquisitions, bond issuances and other capital markets transactions through its broad domestic and international network.

Garanti BBVA Securities is the leading investment bank in Turkey with numerous transactions in equity and debt offerings and mergers & acquisitions transactions.


As an investment bank that stands out with its corporate finance service offerings, Garanti BBVA Securities was named the “Best Investment Bank” by Global Finance and World Finance in 2011. In 2012, Euromoney also named Garanti BBVA Securities  the “Best Investment Bank.” In 2012 and 2013, EMEA Finance labeled  Garanti BBVA Securities as the “Best Brokerage Firm.” In 2014, Garanti BBVA Securities won International Finance Magazine’s “Best Investment Bank” award. In 2015, Global Banking & Finance Review and Capital Magazine chose  Garanti BBVA Securities as the  “Best Investment Bank” and “Most Liked Brokerage Firm”, respectively. Every year, Garanti BBVA Securities enhances its recognized corporate finance service offerings.