Garanti BBVA e-Trader Web Platform


Share certificate and FOE transactions of investors are more practical thanks to Garanti BBVA e-Trader. E-Trader, making it possible to monitor instant sessions, exchange rates, markets, news, analyses and past data through a single screen, is integrating with its technology the stock (equity) trading, technical analyses and many other practical transactions. What’s more, all investors, being the owner of Equities Market and FOE service packages, may easily access to all instant equities and FOE contract prices.

E-Trader application does not only speed up the investors, but also enables the investor to easily access to qualified information and practical transactions. E-Trader, offering technological solutions in investment transactions, aims to be the best friend of investors without any down-payment.


How does e-Trader operate?

E-Trader data monitoring screen and transaction screen operate on all computers with internet link. E-Trader web platform enables you to transact quickly on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Mozilla scanners. All investors, holding stock (equity) or FOE accounts in Garanti BBVA Securities, may perform their trading transactions via e-Trader web platform.


What are Included in e-Trader’s World Full of Advantages?

Trading: With respect to stocks (equities), Buy / Sell orders, chain Buy / Sell orders, order split, order correction, order improvement and order cancellation are performed. Chain orders may also be given via  e-Trader. With respect to FOE contracts, Buy / Sell orders, order improvement and order cancellation may be performed.

Data Monitoring: Instant session monitoring, exchange rates, markets, news and analysis data may be monitored through a single screen.

Independent Transaction: There is no need to keep Internet Branch open in the course of data monitoring and trading transactions. By using the “Set Timeout” step in Internet Branch e-Trader menu, you may extend or reduce the logout time as you wish while e-Trader will automatically close and remain closed when you do not transact any trade.

Personalization (Customization): On the data monitoring screen, display of any desired data may be adjusted, and page design may be saved as and stored differently on user basis.

Easy Trading: Trading may be executed by also seeing the price data and information either via data monitoring screen or through portfolio.

Quick Buy & Sell: Buy & Sell transaction may be performed by only entering the quantity information for the symbol selected by seeing the price data and information.

Alarms: When a desired symbol reaches a predetermined threshold, the user may be immediately and instantly informed thereabout.

Depth and Intermediary Institution Information: If you have the relevant BIST Service package, you can access in depth information on stocks and futures contracts as well as details on brokerage firms.

Price Following for VIOP: When one owns the appropriate service package, depth and intermediary institution data and information may be retrieved for Stock (Equity) and FOE contracts.

Portfolio Monitoring: Instant and retroactive price and quantity data and information for the owned share certificates may be retrieved, and details of orders given may be displayed, and in addition, Buy / Sell transactions may be instantly and immediately performed through the same screen.


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