Forex Market


The word Forex is an abbreviation of the words Foreign Exchange in English. It refers to the international over-the-counter foreign exchange market where countries’ currencies are mutually traded. Forex is solidifying its position in the global investment market by being the most liquid market in the world thanks to its leverage and two-way trading features, the opportunity it provides to invest via the internet 5/24 and the many different investment instruments its offers. The Forex market provides investors with the opportunity to trade not only currency pairs, but also such exchange market indices as gold, silver, petroleum, DAX, S&P and DJI.

With Garanti BBVA Securities’ technologic infrastructure and expert staff you can trade in Forex, the largest financial market of the world.

With the Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader, anywhere  you have internet access, you can monitor the Forex market and execute your trades quickly on a 5-day x 24-hour basis.

Furthermore, by opening a demo account, you can  promptly start to experience Forex market trades via the  Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader as well.

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