Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader Web Platform


The Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader platform is an electronic web platform enabling you to trade in the Forex markets in any environment with access to the internet.

Through Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader, you can easily follow foreign currency parities and commodity and global indices and quickly and reliably perform your trading transactions.

With the help of the developed technological graphic infrastructure, you can further deepen your technical analyses and catch up on the market news.

How does Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader operate?

  • Transacting: Buy / Sell orders, order correction, order improvement and order cancellation are executed for any desired CFD and parities. 

  • Data Monitoring: Instant session monitoring, exchange rates, global markets, news and developed technical analysis opportunities may be monitored through a single screen with the TradingView infrastructure.

  • Independent Transaction: In the course of data monitoring and trading transactions, you can enter Garanti BBVA Securities FX Trader web platform directly through web address.

  • Personalization (Customization): On the data monitoring screen, with the help of HTML5 technology, the display of any desired data and the page design may be adjusted by the user and saved and stored as different pages. Thanks to this feature, you will have the ability to complete your transactions at any venue through prerecorded screens.

  • Easy Trading: Trading may be executed by also viewing the price data and information either via the data monitoring screen or through the portfolio.

  • Quick Buy & Sell: Buy & Sell transaction may be performed by only entering the quantity information for the symbol selected by viewing the price data and information.

  • Alarms: When a desired symbol reaches the defined value, the user is immediately notified.

  • Collateral: You can instantly monitor your maintenance margin by following up on collateralization transactions and cash flows.

  • Portfolio Monitoring: You can retrieve and instantly reach the retroactive price, quantity data and information regarding your open positions. Furthermore, you can display the details of the orders given and may also send Buy & Sell orders for the closing of the same positions through the same screen.

GarantiBBVA Securities FX Mobile

  • You can trade on both the iOS and Android platforms by monitoring the Forex market data.

  • You can review your trading Forex market transactions at any time via Garanti BBVA Securities FX Mobile application.

  • You can analyze foreign currencies and CFD’s and close your positions.