Job Application

During the job application process our HR team makes sure that each candidate has the educational background, basic skills and experience required for the desired position.

What Can You Learn With Us?
Employee Focus

The key achievement at Garanti BBVA Securities is our key employees. Human Resources manages success-based policies within the business unit with all units in line with the objectives of the company. 

Career Support

The Human Resources team at Garanti BBVA  Securities supports and guides employees in their career planning. Garanti BBVA Securities raises managers from within. 

Active Performance Management

At Garanti BBVA  Securities, the performance process is managed with concrete and measurable goals. Together with the managers, the employees determine the targets that are appropriate for their duties and these targets are followed up within the year.


Human Resources applications at Garanti BBVA  Securities are very important. Garanti BBVA  Securities values ​​employees' diverse perspectives and supports innovation.