International Equity (Stock) Markets

Now, Garanti BBVA Securities provides investors with the privilege of having instant access to many leading global stock exchanges!

You can easily invest stocks of European, American and Asian companies and trade stocks in the stock exchanges of 26 different countries. You can  give your orders for Stock and ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) trades in foreign stock exchanges quickly and reliably through the desktop or web applications via our Garanti BBVA Securities International Trader platform at any place you like.

Furthermore, by opening a demo account, you can  promptly start to experience trading foreign stocks through the Garanti BBVA Securities International Trader platform as well.

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In foreign and international trades, income, stamp and similar other taxes or legal deductions may vary, and all taxes that may be levied pursuant to the regulations of the Stock Exchange and/or laws of the relevant jurisdiction will be under the responsibility of the customer.

Please kindly note that foreign market exchange-traded funds (ETFs/ETNs) cannot be traded with online trading platforms in accordance with the letter of CMB numbered 12233903.315.99-220.

For any questions, you can access  our Investor Support Center via  telephone at 444 0 630 between 09:00 and 19:30 hours during the week days.

Risk and Price Information Form Regarding Equities and/or Other Quasi-Equity Instruments in Foreign Markets