International Markets Futures

International Market Futures


International Markets Futures are leveraged derivative instruments listed and traded in organized international markets. Future contracts require cash settlement or physical delivery at a future date of maturity and have some specific standard features such as maturity, contract size and leverage, as determined by the relevant exchanges.  You may execute your orders in commodities, precious metals, energy, indices, exchange parities, financials contracts through online platforms.

You may trade 5 days in a week and 24 hours a day in Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), one of the global futures exchanges with a high trading volume.

You may sign an International Market Investment account at the closest Garanti BBVA Bank or Garanti BBVA Securities branches. Please click to reach the closest branches.

To open an account, you should also present a copy of your ID card, an invoice issued in your name within the last quarter or your residence certificate issued with the valid date.

*Trading hours may vary depending on summer/winter time applications.

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Contract data valid for gold as the underlying asset is as tabulated below.

Underlying Asset


Contract Size

100 ons gold


1282.00 USD

Minimum Price Step

1 pt = 10 $

Position Size

128.200 USD

Maturity Months

February, April, June, August, October, December



Initial and Maintenance Margins

Initial Margin = $3740

Maintenance Margin = $3400


10 $ + Exchange Transaction Fee



Let us assume that 1 contract buy (long) position is opened with the expectation of a rise in gold prices.

Buy Price    =  1282 Dollars / Ons
Sell Price    =  Gold ↑ 1292.00 Dollars / Ons
Profit          =  1292 – 1282 = 10.00*100*1= 1000 $


In futures contracts, you may execute your orders via desktop or web applications through our Garanti BBVA Securities International Trader platform quickly and reliably from any location or venue 24 hours a day.

By opening a Demo account, you may experience futures contracts in foreign markets through  Garanti BBVA Securities International Trader.

For opening a Demo account, please click.

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*Exchange transaction fee is charged in futures contracts traded in foreign markets. Exchange transaction fee varies depending on contracts and exchange markets.

Swap points: Refers to a cost item arising out of transfer and maintenance of open positions and collected ex officio from the investor’s account in Futures Contracts Markets.

Calculation = Margin requirement * Swap point time * (Related Interbank rate + Markup (150 bps) / (365 or 360 days)


Transaction commission may vary depending on your trading volume. You may contact your customer representative or 444 0 630 to get special commission.

In foreign trading transactions, income, stamp or similar other taxes or legal deductions may vary, and all tax liabilities which may arise as per the relevant Exchange’s regulations and/or the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of trading are under the responsibility of our customers.

For opening an account for trading in Foreign Markets, you may contact our Garanti BBVA Bank or Garanti BBVA Securities  Branches closest to you.

For all kinds of questions, you may contact our Investor Support Center through our phone number  444 0 630 at any time between  09:00-19:30 hours in weekdays.