Capturing Investment Opportunities is Now at Your Fingertips with the Renewed eTrader!

You can now log in to our mobile application using your Garanti BBVA Internet Banking credentials.

What is Garanti
BBVA eTrader?

Garanti BBVA eTrader has been completely renewed from end to end!

Enhanced features that will elevate your investment strategies, a user-friendly interface, and powerful tools for better customization are now available in the eTrader application. What is eTrader and how can it enhance your investment experience? Find all your answers on this page.

What is Garanti BBVA eTrader?

eTrader is an advanced online trading platform offered by Garanti BBVA Securities to investors. With Garanti BBVA eTrader, you can live-track VİOP, Borsa İstanbul, and international markets, and gain easy and fast access to various investment instruments such as stock tracking and analysis, warrant calculations, and stock and warrant trading. Its redesigned interface and enhanced features take your investment experience to the next level.

Manage Your Investments with Ease, We're with You Every Step of the Way!

As soon as you log into the renewed Garanti BBVA eTrader, the doors to the investment world are wide open to you! Whether you are an experienced investor or taking your first steps into the investment world, eTrader's user-friendly interface and advanced features allow you to quickly reach your investment goals. Powerful tools that meet all your needs from stock analysis to live market tracking are now at your fingertips.

Monitor the market in real-time, manage your portfolio.

eTrader, under the assurance of Garanti BBVA, provides you with real-time market data to make informed investment decisions. Follow changes in the market instantly with advanced charts, technical analysis tools, and live stock market screens. Manage your portfolio comfortably from a single platform and make your investments more efficient.

Garanti BBVA eTrader Mobile Application Features

Garanti BBVA eTrader mobile application allows you to conveniently perform your investment transactions anytime and anywhere you want. So, what features does the application offer?

Click here to view the fee scale of Garanti BBVA eTrader within the Data Subscription Package. Here, under the selected data subscription package, you can access details such as Garanti BBVA eTrader depth fee, order book viewing, real-time data monitoring and more at various levels.

Customizable Watchlist

You can track real-time price changes of stocks you are interested in by compiling them into a single list, allowing you to create a personalized investment strategy with the ability to annotate symbols. You can create up to 5 different watchlists and add up to 150 different symbols to each list. Personalized list names can be created, and you can add indicators showing the lowest/highest buying-selling volume information within the watchlist. Real symbol logos provide a comfortable monitoring experience.

Academy Contents

Our beginner, intermediate, and advanced level contents are categorized under Stock Market Terms, Fundamental Analysis, and Technical Analysis. We are here with our prepared contents to help you gain more knowledge about the investment market and enhance your financial literacy.

TradingView Integration

As we continue to grow and evolve in the world of investment, we would like to introduce you to TradingView's most advanced product: TradingView Paid Chart and Trading Version. With the new eTrader, the licensed version of TradingView is free! The Free Advanced Chart solution offers many additional tools and functionalities to enhance your trading experience alongside all its features. The key features offered by TradingView Paid Chart and Trading Version include:

- Additional chart types: Enhance your trading strategies with access to Heikin Ashi, Renko, and more.

- Synchronized multi-chart layout: Easily compare different assets and timeframes side by side.

- Trading capabilities: Seamlessly trade with DOM, Buy/Sell floating widgets, and more.

- Watchlist: Track your favorite assets and monitor their performances in real-time.

- Customization: Personalize toolbars, panels, drawings, and indicators with custom colors.

- Date range and "Go to Date" feature: Navigate historical data effortlessly.

- Account management: Effectively manage your trading accounts.

- TradingView Stock Screener tools allow investors to filter and analyze stocks based on specific criteria. Learning how to use the stock screener on the TradingView platform, especially for conducting in-depth market analysis, can be beneficial. If you engage in daily trading, knowing how to use a stock screener to identify stocks with intraday profit potential is crucial.

F-Ray Fundamental Analysis Module

With the F-Ray Fundamental Analysis Module, you can conduct in-depth analysis and instantly evaluate key metrics of stocks such as profitability, indebtedness, and efficiency.

F-Ray is a next-generation stock analysis platform that utilizes advanced visualization techniques and machine-learning-supported algorithms to measure the financial performance of publicly traded companies. Setting itself apart with its algorithmic fundamental and technical analysis capabilities, F-Ray includes financial data for all companies listed on BIST, NASDAQ, and NYSE, with a user-friendly interface and continuously evolving infrastructure.

F-Ray facilitates quick and easy analysis of companies traded in the stock market, saving time and enabling informed investment decisions. With the new eTrader, you can use the F-Ray fundamental analysis module for free.

Real-Time Stock Market Monitoring

Garanti BBVA eTrader is a platform that provides real-time data. This allows you to make investment decisions faster and more accurately based on updated market conditions.

Portfolio Management

You can easily manage your investments from a single platform, analyze your returns and risks. You can make changes to your watchlists, create new lists, and reorder modules on one screen. Additionally, you can monitor the markets and view your portfolio.

Expert Recommendations

Access research reports prepared by our expert research team, buy/sell recommendations, model portfolios, ready-made analyses, and content that will contribute to your financial knowledge level through the Ideas menu.

Capturing Investment Opportunities is Now at Your Fingertips with the Renewed eTrader!

You can now log in to our mobile application using your Garanti BBVA Internet Banking credentials.

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